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Power of Attorney template (sample)

Simple Power of attorney template. A power of attorney given by a natural person to another natural person for representation in a civil case (as a defendant).




Country, place, ___20 ____ _____________


                Name surname, personal identity number _________, address: _______, hereinafter referred as the Principal, herewith authorises ____________, personal identity number: __________, address: _____________, hereinafter referred to as the Agent,


to represent the interests of the Principal in connection with the action of  __________ brought against the Principal (Case No. ___________), including but not limited to represent the Principal in all court cases enjoying all the rights of a party to the case, including but not limited to: the right to submit to the court ancillary complaints, applications, explanations and other documents on behalf of the Principal, the right to become acquainted with the materials of the case, to make extracts therefrom and prepare copies thereof, to participate in court hearings, to submit a recusal, to submit evidence, to participate in the examination of evidence, to submit requests, to provide oral and written explanations to the court, to express personal arguments and considerations, to raise objections against requests, arguments, and considerations of other participants in the case, to receive true copies of judgments, decisions, and other case – related documents, to raise objections against a claim, to bring a counterclaim and enter into a settlement.


The Power of Attorney has been issued without the right of substitution.


Name, surname ____________________________


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